Isabelle – a Lightwood?

Today I’d like to discuss Isabelle Lightwood from The Mortal Instruments.

As the second eldest Lightwood child, she is always the tought one, the one getting all the attention. Her younger brother is Maxwell (Max), who *spoiler alert* died at the age of nine, her older brother is Alexander (Alec), who is gay and in a relationship with the warlock Magnus Bane. Alec, Max, Maryse and Robert Lightwood (the last two are the mother and the father) all have black hair and blue eyes. Except Isabelle. She has black eyes. BLACK EYES. If Maryse and Robert both have two eyes, two rezessive genetics, where is the biological chance for Isabelle to have black eyes?! Only if she wasn’t Roberts’ child. But which family is known for black eyes? Only on. The Morgensterns. Remember, when Valentine meets Maryse and greets her with “My Maryse” and she responds with “I’m not YOUR Maryse anymore”? Seems like she once WAS his Maryse. Think about, Robert cheated on her, like Isabelle revalls in City of heavenly Fire, and it was about the time Isabelle was a baby. And Maryse knew about it. So…your husband is cheating on you, but you don’t want to leave him, because you already have a little son, but you’re angry, and sad, and then there is this charismatic, nice, caring man, telling you everything’s gonna be okay…and maybe you’re both a little drunk and then it happended. And nine months later, there is a girl being born, with the same eyes as the ones’ the man has you had this one mistake with. And your daughters name is Isabelle. And her fathers’ name is Valentine. Seems legit, doesn’t it? Think about what that would mean: Clary REALLY having a sibling, that is not insane. That is “pure at heart” (as Isabelle describes herself once). A sister. Clary and Isabelle act as sisters as soon as Isabelle doesn’t have to try keeping Clary from Jace with the intention to protect him (when it was killing Jace that he thought he was in love with his sister). In City of Glass, Clary tries to comfort Isabelle who griefs for Max, and she says in her mind she’d be caressing Izzys hair like she’d do with her sisters’. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? And Lightwoods, who are calm and cold-blooded like Alec and Robert, and then there’s Isabelle almost calling the Inquisitor a bitch…something the Morgensterns became popular for….

What are your thoughts on this? I’d love to know 🙂


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