“I’m the who’ll have to watch you murder the world […]”

This is the gif that always breaks my heart, just because of the way Cas tries to defend himself. He is not atacking, he just takes the punches, in the hope to stop Dean. In the hope, Dean wouldn't be able to hurt him like this. But he is, at this moment, and Cas is … Continue reading “I’m the who’ll have to watch you murder the world […]”


Dean and Castiel

In the Supernatural fandom, there is no question asked more than: Is "Destiel"(shipping name for:ย Dean and Castiel) real? I want to make a try on aswering this question today. First, a little introduction into the tv-show "Supernatural": In the pilot episode, we meet the brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, whos' mother was murdered by a … Continue reading Dean and Castiel

Severus Snape: Hero or Villian?

Let's take a look at the character "Severus Snape" from "Harry Potter". He is intruducted as the ugly, unfair teacher that bullies maincharacter Harry Potter. Through the seven book, he is discovered as an active death-eater, but after his death revalled as the tragic hero that pledged his life to the revenge for Lily Potters … Continue reading Severus Snape: Hero or Villian?

Isabelle – a Lightwood?

Today I'd like to discuss Isabelle Lightwood from The Mortal Instruments. As the second eldest Lightwood child, she is always the tought one, the one getting all the attention. Her younger brother is Maxwell (Max), who *spoiler alert* died at the age of nine, her older brother is Alexander (Alec), who is gay and in … Continue reading Isabelle – a Lightwood?